JioWhat Is Jio Net Balance Check Number? Here Are...

What Is Jio Net Balance Check Number? Here Are 4 Different Methods


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What Is Jio Net Balance Check Number? Here Are 4 Different Methods

How can one view their Jio data balance? This simple instruction is available for new Jio members who want to see their data balance as well as a variety of other information.

Reliance Jio appears to be unstoppable and has become the industry leader in the telecom sector. The telecom behemoth has earned praise for its crucial contribution to driving India’s digitization boom. The bulk of Indians living abroad have now shifted from other networks to Jio because of its high-speed connectivity at reasonable costs.

Overall, Jio’s competence has made the telecom sector one of the most competitive in the modern era. Since there are new members every day, here is a tutorial and a list of tips for them on how to check their Jio data balance as well as some other crucial information.

Jio Net Balance Check Number

What Is Jio Net Balance Check Number?

There are four ways for consumers to check their Jio net balance. The MyJio app is used in the first technique. Install the MyJio app from the Google Play or Apple Store on your phone, then create an account if you’re brand-new to Jio. The user must register by providing their mobile number and filling out an OTP for verification before they can access the app. The user can view their Jio balance, active plan information, and remaining data on the homepage itself.

Through the website, one can even check their balance. To access its data, open in your browser and input the mobile number that will be given to you at the top of the page. Entering the code *333# is a quick and simple way to check your data balance. The balance can also be obtained by sending the SMS keyword “MBAL” to the number 55333. The USSD codes and SMS numbers listed below are useful and should be written down for future use.

  1. Dial *1# to find out my Jio number, or utilise this approach.
  2. SMS BAL to 199 to check the prepaid balance and validity.
  3. SMS BILL to 199 to receive a bill amount.
  4. Check the tariff schedule in effect: MYPLAN SMS to 199
  5. Text START to 1925 or dial 1925 to activate 4G data.
  6. Code for Caller Tune: *333*3*1*1#
  7. Jio Caller Tune Disable: *333*3*1*2#
  8. SMS TARIFF to 191 will reveal the call rate.
  9. Check the JioFi device’s Jio number: JIO SMS to 199

What is Jio Balance Check Number?

In India, Reliance JIO has a sizable user base. In recent times, the rapidly expanding network provider has surpassed a number of front edge networks in India. If you have a JIO network subscription, there are various simple ways for you to check your balance details and the recharge plan that is now active on your phone.

How to check JIO balance

You may check your JIO balance in two different methods. You can check your main balance on your phone by dialling *333# from your JIO number. Additionally, you can view your JIO primary balance by texting MBAL to 55333. You will receive the balance information by SMS after this is finished.

Know your current JIO tariff plan

Send a message to 199 with the subject “MY PLAN” if you’re unsure of the tariff plan you’ve signed up for. You will receive a text message with information about the rate you have chosen.

How to check JIO prepaid balance and validity information

Send a text message to 199 with the subject “BAL” from your JIO phone to find out your prepaid balance and its duration. Following this, you will receive a brief message including your prepaid balance and validity details.

Sending the text message BILL to 199 will show you your bill amount if you have a JIO postpaid account. Your mobile device will receive a text message from this procedure containing the bill amount for using the JIO services.

How to check JIO 4G data usage

Since most plans offer unlimited calls and texts in addition to a set amount of data, Reliance JIO plans only charge users for the 4G data they actually use. So that you do not go over the limit permitted by your plan, it is essential to keep track of the data you are consuming. You can set a data restriction on your phone that will notify you when you have exceeded a certain data use in order to monitor your data usage. Additionally, you may check your data consumption right away after disconnecting it every time because JIO will send you an SMS letting you know how much data you have used.

How to check JIO validity

To check your JIO validity information, call 1991 toll-free. When you dial this number from a JIO phone, your call will be disconnected and you will receive an SMS with information on your data, voice, and SMS balances.

How to check your JIO balance online

Visit and log in with your JIO Id and password to check your JIO balance online. Your balance details will appear on the screen once you click on “Reliance JIO Balance.” You must select “My Statement” to view a statement detailing your consumption and expenses. You will discover the specifics of your data usage and related costs.

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